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Greg Rickaby


Hey there! 👋🏻

Welcome to my personal blog, where I share my thoughts on web development, photography, and some personal stuff here and there.

I’m a web developer, published author, photographer, and an owner of a professional sports team. I’m also a father of 3 and married to my wonderful partner Tara.


In 2017, I wrote a children’s book titled Creating a Website for Dummies Jr which was published by Wiley Global under the dummies™️ brand.

The book guides young readers through the planning and development processes of building a website. It has been translated into other 2 other languages, and currently has a near 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

Since being published, I’ve also served as the Technical Editor on three other books:

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In early 2019, I bought a mirrorless camera and spent months taking courses, reading, practicing, and having my work critiqued by peers. What has started as an enjoyable hobby, has turned into a passionate way to express my creativity and exhaust my bank account.

View my portfolio on SmugMug and read the stories behind the photos.

Web Developer

I’m a Tech Lead at, an industry leader in web design, development, hosting, and digital marketing. I partner with clients to build websites with Next.js.

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I’ve been part of the WordPress community since 2008 making contributions to core, documentation, plugins, and themes. I’ve also spoken at WordCamps and meet-ups. I’m also a contributor to other open-source projects like Next.js, Storybook, and Gatsby.

Outside of tech, I’ve volunteered my time and efforts at local community organizations. The Boy Scouts, Wiregrass Church, and the Enterprise High School Band Boosters to name a few.

Stay safe out there, and thanks for reading!🍻