Greg Rickaby

Greg Rickaby

Full-Stack Engineer / Photographer / Author


Web Hosting

I’m busy. I don’t have time to worry about hosting. I could offer expensive managed hosting or try and save a buck with cheap shared hosting, neither of which is going to help my clients win.

Instead, I offer my clients the best of both worlds: VPS hosting with Dreamhost. My clients get a super fast website, and I don’t have to fool with managing the server via the command line. Now that’s a win-win for everyone!

Project Management

I work best with kanban boards, so for me and my clients Trello (free month of Trello Gold) provides the most value. Plus seeing cards move across the board is very satisfying!

To ensure that all of my client’s needs are captured, I trust Workflowy (additional 250 items) for jotting things down quickly during the discovery calls. Later, I revisit and reformat using Google’s G-Suite so I can share a professional document with my clients.

Time Tracking/Billing/Invoices

If you’d like to literally turns time into money, try Harvest ($10 credit). It’s great for keeping track of how much time you’re logging and then turning those hours into invoices. In addition to the web app, Harvest also offers AndroidiOS apps, and Chrome and Safari extensions. Harvest also supports Stripe integration to get paid fast!

Other Tools

Image management and manipulation is hard. Client’s just want to upload a photo and let a computer figure out what looks best. That’s where Cloudinary (extra 600MB of storage space, 60,000 images, 1,800 transformations and 1,200MB of monthly bandwidth) comes in.

I also leverage Buddy as my DevOps pipeline, because I don’t have the time (nor do I care) to babysit Jenkins.

Below are links on various topics and tech that I’ve used from project-to-project.


CSS Grid

CSS Pseudo Class Selectors

CSS Calc()

CSS Animations


ES6 / ECMAScript 2015




Full Disclosure

The law says I have to be clear when I’m using affiliate links, so here’s my official policy:

If a product or service listed on this website has an affiliate program, you can bet that the link to the product or service is an affiliate link. You can also safely bet, that each affiliate link is owned by myself to help bring in some passive income. Finally, I would not put an affiliate link to a product or service if I wasn’t actively using it.