EHS Graduation 2023

Congratulations Chase, Alicia, all our dance family members, and all 400+ other Enterprise High School Seniors! We’re proud of you!

Duck Camp 2022

This year it was just Chase and I traveling to Florence, Wisconsin. It was unseasonably warm with temps in the mid-70s all week. We traveled back and forth from Octono and Green Bay and managed to knock down a few ducks.

Chase’s Senior Portraits

While up in Wisconsin for our annual Duck Hunting trip, we did a photo shoot for his senior portraits. I can’t believe he’s graduating in May 2023!

Band Camp 2019

Chase started by trying out for the drum line at the end of the school year. The freshmen are told beforehand, that the drum line is mainly comprised of upperclassmen, but they’re allowed to try out anyway. Chase and the rest of the frosh didn’t make it, so he was assigned to play on theContinue reading “Band Camp 2019”

2016: A Year In Review

I’m terrible at blogging (Instagram is just easier to post life events and memories too) so I figured I would write a “year in review” post instead. It’s lengthy, so let’s just get to it…