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WordPress with Apache 2.4 and PHP 5.5. Plus, goodbye APC and MySQL

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I run my own Amazon EC2 Instance. Why? Because, I’m a geek who likes to own his own data. Furthermore, I don’t need any hand holding or restrictions on what plugins I can install. If something breaks? No worries. I  A) have backups B) can read C) Google

Today I did a routine:

sudo apt-get upgrade -y

and was greeted with a shit-ton of errors. I probably should have (and usually do) look at the available packages before running an upgrade, but the one time I didn’t…

Basically, when upgrading from Apache 2.2 to 2.4 you need to do a couple things with your sites .conf file.

  1. Because of new permissions: Add Require all granted
  2. To activate WordPress permalinks: AllowOverride All

Navigate to /etc/apache2/sites-available/

DocumentRoot "/public_html/mysite"
<Directory "/public_html/mysite">
allow from all
Require all granted
AllowOverride All
Options +Indexes


Good Bye APC

With PHP 5.5, APC has been killed off in favor for OPcache. Read more about activating and fine tuning the settings. Once you get OPcache running, use this stats page to keep track of everything.

So Long MySQL

Hang on, before you flip out. I’m talking about the original MySQL API. You should be using PDO to read/write/update MySQL databases. In fact, the developers at WordPress have known about the depreciation since July of 2011, and they claim that less than 94% of all plugins hosted on still use the old API. They hope by WordPress v3.8 to have exactly ZERO left.

Just be aware, if you want to walk the (bleeding edge of the) line that some functionality may be reduced until WordPress can catch up. As always, BACK UP YOUR JUNK BEFORE YOU UPDATE/UPGRADE


WordPress 3.6

Apache 2.4+

PHP 5.5


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