I bought a guitar

It all started in the third grade when I learned to play the trumpet. Throughout school and even shortly after I graduated high school I played that trumpet. Although I wasn’t “the best”, I really enjoyed making music.

Around 2007, I was given an opportunity to run sound for the band at Wiregrass Church. They’re a contemporary worship service which means a lead, rhythm, acoustic, and bass guitar. Plus, keys, drums, and two vocalists. It’s pretty loud (95-100db) and a whole lot of fun. It was through running sound that I absorbed the word of God and became a believer.

While being the “sound guy”, I feel part of the band — even if I’m not playing any notes. My instrument is the audio console, and I play it along with the music.

Lately, though, I’ve had this feeling, down in my gut about picking up an instrument and playing again. It started a few months ago while I was on my computer. Once again, I was up late playing around with server configurations and thought, “What am I doing? There’s got to be a better way for me to spend my spare time.”

So, I bought a guitar starter kit!

I opted for the Squire Strat by Fender with a 10-watt amp. I wanted the name brand, plus, many of the guitars I’ve mixed over the years have been Fender Telecasters or Stratocasters. I just love the sound and tone they produce. By no means is this a $2,500 guitar, but hey it’ll get the job done until I get (a lot) better.

Squier SE Special Strat
It was like Christmas, as I ran down the driveway to meet the UPS driver

I have Amazon Prime, so the two-day shipping was going to feel like two years. Friday was the big day, but, there was a delivery snafu! I had to wait the entire three-day holiday weekend for it to arrive. (#FirstWorldProblem)

But when it did? It was like Christmas, as I ran down the driveway to meet the UPS driver! After 20 minutes of unboxing, I tuned her right up using the GuitarTuna app and then I launched Yousician and started strumming…

Last night, I played until my fingers bled – really. Learning the basics like how to properly hold a guitar, strumming, thumb, and pick placements. I even learned chords (A minor, C, D, and E). It was suggested that look into buying Rocksmith, which is a lot like Yousician in that they both “gamified” learning to play guitar. So, I’ve ordered that and will report back with my thoughts.

That “feeling” down in my gut was right, and I cannot wait to share more guitar-learning experiences with you!


  1. Congratulations on reentering the human/instrument interrelationship.

    Now you’ve really gotten your self into the thick of it, so good for you!


  2. I just turned 60 and bought an electric guitar also. I have played acoustic for a while but electric is quite a difference. Interested in your progress.

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