Duck Camp – 2013

Photos (and a video) from my annual duck hunting trip to Green Bay, WI.

The weather started out cool, however by Wednesday, the ice on the bay was getting thick. I was able to hunt with my Dad, cousin Ryan, Uncle Jon, and my best friend Chris.

It’s taken 3 years to figure out how to hunt on the “big water”, and given all the ducks that tried to decoy – we feel like we’re finally doing it right. In total, we fired over 200 shells and hauled in a season best, 19 ducks. Next year, we will work on patience, accuracy, and acquiring a layout boat!

Watch my dad and Ryan miss this duck. They’re hard to hit!

Author: Greg Rickaby

Greg is Director of Engineering at WebDevStudios and author of a children's book titled, Creating a Website: Design and Build Your First Site!.

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