Living Next Door To The Ex-Wife

In January 2010, I started as Chief Engineer at Bluewater Broadcasting. The new job required me to move to Montgomery, Alabama (about 2 hours from my son Chase). It’s been a very difficult 3 years, 5 months, and 19 days – not only for me but Chase as well.

Now that I’m done working at Bluewater, we’re moving back to the Dothan area. In fact, we’re moving into a house right next door to Chase in Enterprise, Alabama.

Both Tara and I are looking forward to being part of his day-to-day life again. One question we keep getting asked is, “How does Tara feel about living next door to your ex-wife?”

The truth is: my ex-wife and I haven’t so much as looked at each other funny in over 5 years. In fact, before the divorce was final both the ex-wife and I agreed to never let our personal feelings get in the way of our first priority: Chase.

Besides, we both re-married…and she’s the one who found the house next door.

Both Tara (my wife) and Erin (my ex-wife) were raised in broken homes. They know firsthand the incredible amount of B.S. kids must endure when dealing with divorce.

So, “Yes”. Tara is “cool” with living next door to my ex-wife. She doesn’t look at the situation negatively. We’re all adults here, and besides our kids are watching.


  1. Divorce can be so ugly, and kids are usually the ones who lose. Kudos to all of you for being actual grown ups and finding such an amazing solution for you son. Good luck in the new endeavors!

  2. I admire all of you for that! Blending families is never easy but it’s a lot better when the adults are “secure” with themselves and don’t let jealousy, bitterness and anger enter into their hearts. I live in the house that my husband and his ex-wife lived in……it doesn’t bother me at all. It is nothing but a house, my “home” is between me and Ben, not the physical surroundings we are in. I pray God’s blessings and favor on you and your family!

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