Short bio

Design Lead at WebDevStudios. Audio Engineer at Wiregrass Church. Husband, father, amatuer pizza chef, and lover of a good brew.

Long Bio

Greg’s interest in technology started in the late-80′s in Green Bay, WI when his dad bought an Apple IIgs and let him play Oregon Trail. In the mid-90′s he learned how to write HTML (but mostly abuse <marquee> tags) using both Notepad and Geocities.

After high school, Greg’s first job was at the local radio station and for fifteen years he worked as Broadcast Engineer with stops in Wisconsin, New York, and Alabama. Whether he was working on a high-power transmitter or re-configuring an audio server, Greg’s job was to keep them on the air. To this day, he’s still a member of – and certified by the Society of Broadcast Engineers.

During all that time in radio he never stopped coding. He stumbled upon WordPress in 2006 and has been converting PSD’s into child-themes ever since (both as a freelancer and now full-time with WebDevStudios).

When offline, Greg loves to make homemade pizza, go camping, hunt ducks, and watch football (he’s part-owner of the Green Bay Packers). Saturday you’ll find him with a beer in one hand and grilling with the other. Sunday, he’ll be behind an audio console at Wiregrass Church - making praise and worship come to life.

Greg and his family reside in southern Alabama.

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