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Get a WordPress Category ID

I struggled bus’d pretty hard on this one today. I needed to ignore the “featured” category in a loop, and to do so, WP_Query() requires the category ID. Luckily, I found get_term_by();

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Lock down WP-ADMIN

Because of the recent increase in attacks on WordPress, we were recently chatting about locking down /wp-admin and wp-login.php. We discussed the Limit Login Attempts plugin, which works really well. If a user fails to login after a certain amount of attempts, they are blacklisted for a period of time.

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i18n vs L10n

i18n stands for “internationalization” L10n stands for “localization” Both are numeronyms, or “number based words”. The numbers come from the number of characters in between the “i” and the “n”. You can read all about their storied history here and here.

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