Adventure: Panama City, Florida 2022

This year for Platinum Dance Nationals, we stayed with several other dance families at the Sheraton Panama City Golf & Beach Resort. This place has an amazing boardwalk/dock and a private beach, which offered some great photographic opportunities!

Eastern Bluebird

While sitting on a Zoom call, I pointed the Sony 200-600mm out my office window and captured this Eastern Bluebird.

365 Day Duolingo Streak

I did it! A full year of learning French on Duolingo. It definitely wasn’t easy, but now I can cross this off my bucket list, delete the app, and say au revoir! 👋🏻 🤣

Duck Camp 2021

This year Chase and I traveled up to Florence, Wisconsin with Devin and Walt.

Setup a Local WordPress Development Environment on Docker

As I continue to explore Docker, this post will serve as my notes. I assume assume you already have the following technologies on your computer or know how to install them: Installation Clone WordPress: $ git clone [email protected]:WordPress/wordpress-develop.git Install dependencies: $ cd wordpress-develop && npm i Start Docker containers: $ npm run env:start Install WordPress:Continue reading “Setup a Local WordPress Development Environment on Docker”