Responsive Web Design != Mobile

I do PSD Conversions for a living. In other words, I turn photoshop designs into websites – and I’ve sliced over one hundred. I’m (somewhat) of an expert when it comes to creating custom themes for WordPress.

Create a ‘Must Use’ Plugin for WordPress

Some of you are like me: “frequent theme changer guy”. Here’s a trick I’ve learned to keep from having to re-write code every time I get bored with a theme: I use the “Must Use” Plugin. 

i18n vs L10n

How i18n (internationalization) works in WordPress By wrapping some text in a nifty PHP function, we allow that text to be translated into another language. Or Or All three of those examples will be translated. All three of them do the exact same thing. Check out the WordPress Codex, read this post from Otto, and checkContinue reading “i18n vs L10n”

301 Redirects with .htaccess

After I dumped my database and blew up my site, I wanted to resurrect my most popular content. I needed to set up 301 redirects so both users and Google could find my (old) content in its (new) location.

Remove WooCommerce Styles and Scripts

WooCommerce is absolutely the most brilliant and easy-to-use shopping cart for WordPress – but it’s heavy! I’ll show you how to remove the cruft!

How To: Install LAMP on Ubuntu

My brother called to talk about moving his company’s web development and testing environment in-house. They had already downloaded Ubuntu but didn’t know how to get Apache, MySQL, or PHP installed. I sent him one command and 5 minutes later, they had a fully functional LAMP stack running.

Web Typography: Using The Golden Ratio and REM’s

When WordPress 3.5 beta 1 was released it came with, “Twenty Twelve”. While looking at style.css, I noticed the use of “REM” to set font sizes and margins. I had NO idea what REM was. In fact, I just started using EM’s in other child themes. Immediately, I turned to Google and started researching.

Add Social Media Icons To Genesis (Without a Plugin)

99% of social media plugins are crap. Many are poorly coded, and some only exist as a way to advertise inside the WordPress dashboard. If you’re not comfortable with code, then I would recommend trying Jetpack Sharing. Otherwise, the code below is what I use (when I don’t use Jetpack).