How To: Install LAMP on Ubuntu

My brother called to talk about moving his company’s web development and testing environment in-house. They had already downloaded Ubuntu, but didn’t know how to get Apache, MySQL, or PHP installed. I sent him one command and 5 minutes later, they had a fully functional LAMP stack running.

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Web Typography: Using The Golden Ratio and REM’s

When WordPress 3.5 beta 1 was released it came with, “Twenty Twelve”. While looking at style.css, I noticed the use of “REM” to set font sizes and margins. I had NO idea what an REM was. In fact, I just started using EM’s in other child-themes. Immediately, I turned to Google and started researching.

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Add Social Media Icons To Genesis (Without a Plugin)

99% of social media plugins are crap. Many are poorly coded, and some only exist as a way to advertise inside the WordPress dashboard. If you’re not comfortable with code, then I would recommend trying Jetpack Sharing.

Otherwise, the code below is what I use (when I don’t use Jetpack).
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