Happy Little Trees

Today I painted my interpretation of “Islands in the Wilderness”, based on Season 29, Episode #1 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. It’s my best painting yet, in this post I wanted to write about my painting journey in 2022.

Adventure: Panama City, Florida 2022

This year for Platinum Dance Nationals, we stayed with several other dance families at the Sheraton Panama City Golf & Beach Resort. This place has an amazing boardwalk/dock and a private beach, which offered some great photographic opportunities!

365 Day Duolingo Streak

I did it! A full year of learning French on Duolingo. It definitely wasn’t easy, but now I can cross this off my bucket list, delete the app, and say au revoir! 👋🏻 🤣

First day of school 2019

We’ve been getting Chloe ready for school for about a year. Even though she has zero trouble getting up on stage and dancing with the Center Stage Dance Company, she is an introvert like her dad (hi!) and has a hard time with new people, especially in large groups. Tara has been working with herContinue reading “First day of school 2019”

Home Networking Upgrade

At the time of this post, we subscribe to Spectrum’s Ultimate Internet Package (300/10 Mbps). This package costs a bit extra but offers 3x the bandwidth vs the 100 Mbps base package. Since I work from home, it’s easy to justify the extra expense. To maximize that bandwidth, my office has a DOCSIS 3.0 MotorolaContinue reading “Home Networking Upgrade”

Band Camp 2019

Chase started by trying out for the drum line at the end of the school year. The freshmen are told beforehand, that the drum line is mainly comprised of upperclassmen, but they’re allowed to try out anyway. Chase and the rest of the frosh didn’t make it, so he was assigned to play on theContinue reading “Band Camp 2019”

2018: A Year In Review

I didn’t get around to posting a review for 2017, which was mega huge, since we bought a house, renovated it, and then helped launch a church. But since I’ve got a few minutes, here goes… Family life Wyatt (2), is a rambunctious toddler currently going through his terrible two’s. He loves dinosaurs, monster trucks,Continue reading “2018: A Year In Review”

Podcasting: Sound Like a Radio DJ

After listening to episode #265 of Shop Talk Show, where Chris Coyer mentioned he wanted to sound “like the guy on the radio”; I was compelled to share my knowledge of radio studios.

2016: A Year In Review

I’m terrible at blogging (Instagram is just easier to post life events and memories too) so I figured I would write a “year in review” post instead. It’s lengthy, so let’s just get to it…

The Cold Flowchart

I love a good flow chart. While I had a cold recently, I went looking through our medicine cabinet at all the different pills and syrups…I was super confused by all the claims on the boxes. I did some research on what the best over-the-counter medicine was for each symptom. So, while laying in bed gettingContinue reading “The Cold Flowchart”

My truck buying experience

I wanted to catalog my recent experiences buying a vehicles so “future Greg” would remember why he did what he thought was best for his family at the time. (creepy third person talk!)