2017-2018 Alabama Hunting Seasons

Below are the 2017-2018 Alabama hunting season dates (on a single page). Dates are valid through August 31st, 2018. Check out the 2017-2018 Hunting & Fishing Digest – which contains this year’s requirements, fees, bag limits, and season dates. Why? Because the DNR makes this info hard to find.

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Podcasting: Sound Like a Radio DJ

After listening to episode #265 of Shop Talk Show, where Chris Coyer mentioned he wanted to sound “like the guy on the radio”; I was compelled to share my knowledge of radio studios.

I was in the broadcast industry for around 15 years, both as a DJ and eventually as chief engineer. I’ve built dozens of studios… Continue reading “Podcasting: Sound Like a Radio DJ”

The Cold Flowchart

I love a good flow chart. So a few years ago, (while I had a cold) I was looking through our medicine cabinet at all the different pills and syrups and was a bit confused by all the claims on the boxes.

Determined, I did some research on what the best (over the counter) medicine was for each symptom. So, while laying in bed getting over a cold, I came up with the following information and flow chart. Continue reading “The Cold Flowchart”

Filter and modify a Custom Post Type – after it’s been registered

Today I was tasked with adding functionality to an existing custom post type. The problem was, the CPT was being registered in a plugin which I could not edit (client declined to give WDS write access to the /plugins folder). Continue reading “Filter and modify a Custom Post Type – after it’s been registered”