EHS Graduation 2023

Congratulations Chase, Alicia, all our dance family members, and all 400+ other Enterprise High School Seniors! We’re proud of you!

Flower Moon – May 2023

I almost didn’t get this photo of May’s Flower Moon thanks to all the rain. Around 10 pm the clouds broke up just enough for me to snap this. There’s a small wispy cloud in front and the glow is all-natural thanks to the humidity. Enjoy and have a wonderful May! Here’s what the conditionsContinue reading “Flower Moon – May 2023”

Birds in Black and White

Black and white photos can also be a beautiful way to capture the beauty and personality of birds.

EHS Senior Prom 2023

I was asked to head back to the Train Depot in downtown Enterprise to take Senior Prom photos several couples. It was exhausting, but a lot of fun!

Happy Little Trees

Today I painted my interpretation of “Islands in the Wilderness”, based on Season 29, Episode #1 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. It’s my best painting yet, in this post I wanted to write about my painting journey in 2022.

Disney World – Christmas 2022

We stayed 7 days at Disney’s Riviera Resort and toured all the parks, twice. The weather was unusually warm, which meant we didn’t need to bundle up and even had some time at the pool!

Duck Camp 2022

This year it was just Chase and I traveling to Florence, Wisconsin. It was unseasonably warm with temps in the mid-70s all week. We traveled back and forth from Octono and Green Bay and managed to knock down a few ducks.

Chase’s Senior Portraits

While up in Wisconsin for our annual Duck Hunting trip, we did a photo shoot for his senior portraits. I can’t believe he’s graduating in May 2023!

Sunset ‘Round The Bed

The kids and I hopped into the car to go take some photos of the sunset. I snapped this while on the way…and it ended up being the keeper!